Bye Bye Dandelion: Audio Visual Transmission Guide #38/52a

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    Well, this is a lovely thing… Bye Bye Dandelion, which is a short animated film by Isabell Garrett.

    It is a gentle, surprising film which tells the tale of attachment and loss between the central character and a dandelion they find.

    Bye Bye Dandelion-Isabel Garrett-short film-2

    The film has an ending that the first time I saw it I found genuinely quite shocking and after the lull of the film I was not prepared for… although then after this one brief, sharp moment of ending there seems to be a rebirth and expression of the cycle of life.

    Bye Bye Dandelion-Isabel Garrett-short film-4

    There is a quality to the film that is both timeless and contemporary and it put me in mind somehow of classic British television animation that I grew up with (Camberwick Green, Smallfilms etc) and yet also seems to connect with the spirit of European landscape and animation that I can’t quite put my finger on… Possibly a hint of the spirit of Czech New Wave films such as Daisies and Malá Morská Víla/The Little Mermaid.


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    Bye Bye Dandelion

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