OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer: Ether Signposts #12/52a

  • OM-1 cassette synthesizer-2

    The OM-1 cassette synthesiser is part of a current trend for the romance attached to analogue instruments and the desiring, possibly even fetishising of related small run, independently made hardware based electronic/synth instruments.

    The FACT website described it as being “Instant Boards Of Canada”…

    OM-1 cassette synthesizer-3

    “The OM-1 Cassette Synthesizer is an analog musical instrument built around the concept that when a continuous tone/note is recorded to tape, its pitch will change as the tape’s playback speed is increased or decreased.”

    OM-1 cassette synthesizer-1

    Not sure if I would actually use it but I want one etc etc.

    (File under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

    Directions and destinations: Onde Magnetique


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