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A Year In The Country at Music Won’t Save You: Artifact Report #41/52

Music Wont Save You-Raffaello Russo

Over the months and years Raffaello Russo has written about the A Year In The Country releases at his Music Won’t Save You site and in Rockerilla magazine a fair few times, most recently about The Quietened Cosmologists.

There have been links to the reviews at A Year In The Country before but I thought it would be good to gather together links to some of those reviews…

Music Wont Save You-reviews-A Year In The Country

Michael Tanner – Nine Of SwordsA Year In The Country – Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels / The Quietened Village

“Pratica ambientale e spirito folk si fondono nell’operazione, declinati nelle visionarie stille acustiche di The Straw Bear Band e di Sproatly Smith…” (From the review of The Quietened Village.)

Music Wont Save You-reviews-A Year In The Country-2

Fractures / The Quietened Bunker / A Year In The Country – No More Unto The Dance / The Forest/The Wald

“Il percorso attraverso i misteri di ambienti rurali abbandonati seguito attraverso sei uscite a tiratura limitata nel corso dell’anno dal cenacolo artistico dell’etichetta A Year In The Country ne ha condotto i protagonisti a esplorare luoghi reconditi, memorie cristallizzate in un altrove spazio-temporale e persino a inseguirne visioni spettrali proiettate verso uno spazio in(de)finito.” (From the review of The Forest/The Wald).

Music Wont Save You-reviews-A Year In The Country-3

The Restless Field / From The Furthest Signals / A Year In The Country – UndercurrentsThe Quietened Cosmologists

“Sempre più orientati alle componenti antropiche e post-industriali del paesaggio, gli itinerari tra suono e immaginazione del cenacolo artistico A Year In The Country segnano in “The Quietened Cosmologists” una nuova tappa dedicata alle visioni futuribili allegate a costruzioni funzionali all’esplorazione spaziale.” (From the review of The Quietened Cosmologists).

The Music Won’t Save You website is an archive of Raffaello Russo’s writing and features literally hundreds of articles and reviews that take in a wide, eclectic selection of music (looking at the indexes on the site is one of those “When does the gent sleep?” moments) and although largely in Italian, if you’re not fluent in that language they can be read in (fractured) English via online translation services.

Tip of the hat and thanks to him for the support.


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