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Feuilleton Wanderings: Artifact Report #8/52a

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John Coulthart has written and posted about A Year In The Country releases and wanderings a number of times at his Feuilleton site, often gathered amongst other interlinked work and/or wider cultural explorations.

The Quietened Village-Fractures-The Quietened Bunker-The Forest The Wald-A Year In The Country

We’ve mentioned some of them before but thought it would be good to bring them together, along with a few new-to-these-parts links and signpostings:

The Quietened Village in the company of Ghost Box Record’s Belbury Poly, David Toop’s cassette archiving, Hawkwind via James Last…

Fractures: wherein various interwoven strands of the Play For Today such as Penda’s Fen and The Land Of Green Ginger wander alongside very personal recollections.

The Quietened Bunker: Something of a favourite for its cultural gathering and considering of the likes of Edge Of Darkness & Wargames and in particular the end note of “The Cold War bunker is more than another empty space, it joins the bio-weapons lab as a source of contemporary horror that doesn’t require any supernatural component to chill the blood.”

The Forest/The Wald: Another fine end note; “…a response to British folk traditions that acknowledges the history without seeming beholden to it.”

Day 162-Hauntology-A Year In The Country

One particular feature of Feuilleton are the Weekend Links, which generally are brief signposts to Mr Coulthart’s “interests, obsessions and passing enthusiams”.

Below are a few of the A Year In The Country related Weekend Links (you may well be there or wandering down resulting pathways a fair old while if you head that way):

212 – Hauntology and the deletion of spectres / 220 – signposting / 225 – Broadcast, constellators and artifacts234 – Further considerations of Penda’s Fen240 – The end of a first spin-around-the-sun / 290 – The commencing of a second spin-around-the-sun / 328 – No More Unto The Dance334 – Bubble life out in the country via The Touchables / 335 – Professor Quatermass340 – Monumental Follies

Tip of the hat to him indeed.

0009017913_41John Coulthart has a longstanding and rather substantial history of working amongst the undercurrents of culture, particularly via his art and design work. A brief overview of such things can be found here.


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