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Belbury Poly’s Geography and Gateways to Far-Off Neverland Dream Memories: Revisiting 17/26

Belbury Poly’s Geography from the 2012 album The Belbury Tales released by Ghost Box Records is a lovely piece of work; it opens and closes with what may well be samples from Public Information Films and then mixes looping electronica with also looping haunting folk-ish vocals.

The evocative text below is from a review of the album at Mojo magazine and captures the atmosphere and intertwined reference points of Belbury Polys’ corner parish of Ghost Box Records’ parallel world particularly well:

“Jim Jupp’s past-haunted electronic eccentrics is a beautiful, eerie thing – a piped gateway to false memories of a time when the benevolent nation-state commissioned young men to re-score English folk songs with government issue analogue synthesisers.” Mojo magazine

Along with government issue analogue synthesisers on The Hidden Door from the 2009 Belbury Poly album From An Ancient Star that “benevolent nation-state” appears to have also issued a prototype (but very functional) arpeggiator for the production of this track.

The track acts as a further “[gateway] to false memories” and is almost achingly reminiscent of a 1970s science fiction / fantasy television series that you can’t quite put your finger on and which never existed.


The original post published during the first year of A Year In The Country:


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