Index: Year 6

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The Corn Mother Novella and The Corn Mother: Night Wraiths Album – Release date 16th March 2020
Build Your Own Stonehenge Model Kits (and Other Sacred, Profane and Playful Simulacra): Wanderings 1/26
250-0001-A-Year-In-The-Country-Gather-In-The-MushroomsGather in the Mushrooms: Revisiting 1/26
Lisa Bond’s Landscape Phantasms: Wanderings 2/26
The Quietened Journey – Reviews, Broadcasts and Dreams of Overgrown Sidings and Crumbling Platforms
Rob Young’s Electric Eden: Revisiting 2/26
Worzel Gummidge – Mackenzie Crook’s Albion in the Overgrowth Recalibrating of Mainstream Family Television: Wanderings 3/26
Day-14-The-Twilight-Language-Of-Nigel-Kneale-Strange-Attractor-A-Year-In-The-Country-1The Twilight Language of Nigel Kneale: Revisiting 2/26
The Corn Mother Novella and The Corn Mother: Night Wraiths Album – Released 16th March 2020
Marion Adnams, Paul Nash and Matthew Lyons – Wyrd Culture Forebears, Otherly Geometric Landscapes and the Shape of the Future’s Past: Wanderings 4/26
250-Day-6-The-Fallen-By-Watch-Bird-Jane-Weaver-1-A-Year-In-The-Country-575x314Jane Weaver Septième Soeur’s The Fallen by Watchbird: Revisiting 4/26
A Quatermass Book Mini-Achive: Wanderings 5/26
Day-7-Devon-Folklore-Tapes-Vol-IV-Magpahi-and-Paper-Dollhouse-A-Year-In-The-Country-2Folklore Tapes – Rekindling Myths and Otherly Geometry: Revisiting 5/52
The Corn Mother Novella and The Corn Mother: Night Wraiths Album: Released
Future City – Experiment and Utopia in Architecture 1956-2006: Wanderings 6/26
The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society: Revisiting 6/26
The Wicker Man Soundtrack and a Summer Isle Mini-Industry: Wanderings 7/26
She Wants to be Flowers – Filming The Owl Service: Revisiting 7/26
77 Posters / 77 Plakatow, Quest for Love and The Man Who Haunted Himself – The Phantasmagoric Parallel World of Eastern European Film Posters and Other Cinematic Alternate Realities: Wanderings 8/26
The Owl Service’s The View from a Hill – Ploughing the Furrows for the Future Blooming of Otherly Pastoral Culture: Revisiting 8/26
Beth Moon’s Ancient Trees and Ancient Skies – Natural Stalwarts Set Against a Cosmic Backdrop: Wanderings 9/26
250-Day-16-Willows-Songs-b-Finders-Keepers-A-Year-In-The-Country-575x481Willow’s Songs – A Haunting Lament and Tales of Late Night Trysts: Revisiting 9/26
Pulselovers’ Cotswold Stone – Hazy Gently Pastoral Hauntological Memories: Wanderings 10/26
Homer Sykes’ Once a Year and Other Folkloric Photography Journeys: Revisiting 10/26
Whistle Down the Wind – A Time Capsule New Wave Cinematic Landscape: Wanderings 11/26
250-Charles-Freger-Wilder-Mann-Dewi-Lewis-Publishing-A-Year-In-The-Country1Charles Fréger’s Wilder Mann: Revisiting 11/26
The Radiophonic Workshop, Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society and Drew Mulholland – Sonic Archaeology and Electronic Explorations Inspired by Delia Derbyshire: Wanderings 12/26
250-John-Benjamin-Stone-A-Record-of-England-folk-customs-and-traditions-A-Year-In-The-Country-4John Benjamin Stone’s Folkloric Ritual Photographs: Revisiting 12/26
The Final Spectral Fields Wyrd Kalendar Mix – An Aural Appendix to Accompany “Journeys in Otherly Pastoralism, The Further Reaches of Folk and the Parallel Worlds of Hauntology”
Gone to Earth / The Wild Heart, the Haunted Region of Wild Wales and a Sidestep into Talking Pictures TV’s Broadcasts of the Overlooked, Shadowed Archives of Cinema and Television: Wanderings 13/26
250-Corn-Husk-Crafts-Facklam-Phibbs-A-Year-In-The-Country-1Faded Foundlings: Revisiting 13/26
The Modernist and Ghosts of the Past: Wanderings 14/26
Folk Horror Review and Digital Spectres: Revisiting 14/26
Pale Horse – The Outsider is Lead a Merry Folkloric Dance: Wanderings 15/26
250-Experiment-IV-Kate-Bush-A-Year-In-The-Country-354x575Kate Bush and Darkly Cinematic Flickerings Through the Meadows, Moors and Mazes: Revisiting 15/26
The Heartwood Institute’s Tomorrow’s People – Exploring Far Off Utopian Flipsides: Wanderings 16/26
250-The-Advisory-Circle-Jon-Brooks-Ghost-Box-RecordsThe World Out of Joint Tales of The Advisory Circle’s And the Cuckoo Comes: Revisiting 16/26
Eldritch House with Green Moss – Quatermass, the Planet People and the Lay of the Land Refracted by The Fall and Mark E. Smith: Wanderings 17/26
250-Belbury-Poly-Belbury-Tales-Rob-Young-Julian-House-Ghost-Box-Records-A-Year-In-The-Country-3Belbury Poly’s Geography and Gateways to Far-Off Neverland Dream Memories: Revisiting 17/26
An Abandoned Village Scrapbook (Incorporating One Abandoned and Restored Phone Box): Wanderings 18/26
The Layering – Preorder and Release Dates
Edward Chell’s Soft Estate – Spectral Depictions of a World Unto Itself: Revisiting 18/26
The Layering – Preorder
Hilla and Bernd Becher’s Four Decade Journeying Amongst Faded Industrial Sculptures: Wanderings 19/26
The Arcadian Idyll of Virginia Astley’s From Gardens Where We Feel Secure: Revisiting 19/26
The Layering – Released
Simon Stålenhag’s The Electric State – Scenes from a Psychic Edgeland: Wanderings 20/26
250-Hollyoaks-Savage-Party-folklore-A-Year-In-The-Country-4-575x323The Temporary Autonomous Zone Fantasia of Savage Party: Revisiting 20/26
The Top of the Tower Restaurant – Dining Amongst a Concordian Reaching for the Stars: Wanderings 21/26
Broadcast and The Focus Group’s #1: Witch Cults and #2: I See, So I See So: Revisiting 21/26
The Quietened Dream Palace – Preorder and Release Dates
Edge of Darkness – Revisiting Hidden Silhouettes: Wanderings 22/26
Elsa Mora’s Folkloric Dream World Fantasias: Revisiting 22/26
The Quietened Dream Palace – Preorder
A Bagpuss Mini-Collection and Portals Into a Magical Never Never Land: Wanderings 23/26
The Layering – Reviews and Broadcasts
Wyrd Britannia Festival: Revisiting 23/26
The Quietened Dream Palace – Released
A Gathering of Bear’s Ghosts – Soviet Era Hauntology and Lost Futures: Wanderings 24/26
Further Wanderings Amongst a Garden of Earthly Delights: Revisiting 24/26
Broadcast Findings and Cultural Constellations: Wanderings 25/26
Folk Art and a Time Unto Itself: Revisiting 25/26
Shadows and Otherly Introductions: Revisiting 26/26
The Owl Service, The Village of the Damned, The Prisoner, Quatermass, Zardoz, The Wicker Man, The Touchables, Sapphire and Steel, The Nightmare Man, Phase IV, The Tomorrow People and Gone to Earth – A Gathering of a Cathode Ray Library and Rounding the Circle: Wanderings 26/26


Click the links below to peruse the indexes for the different years of A Year In The Country:
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