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Michael Tanner – Nine of Swords: Audio Visual Archive 24/52

Booklet artwork from Michael Tanner’s Nine Of Swords album.


“Nine of Swords was created by using nine tarot cards allocated to nine sonorous, percussive instruments which were played in the order of their drawing from the deck… Its method of creation recalls the random cut-up literary techniques of William Burroughs or automatic writing and the resulting work is a 68 minute journey which is a balm to contemporary intensity of input… No plug-ins or FX were used in the making of Nine of Swords; the music in the album was guided purely using the (non)choices of the turns of the cards.” (Quoted from A Year In The Country.)


“Through this primordial essence of the drone, Tanner gives voice to a chorus of ghosts in which, in the narrative-conceptual part of the work, the subjects and themes evoked by the symbolic meaning of the playing card that gives the title to the album take part.” (Quoted from a digital translation of a review by Music Won’t Save You.)



  • Visit Michael Tanner’s work here.


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