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Day #363/365: Other pathways…

Trails and Influences: Electronic Ether. Case #52/52.

While travelling the journey of this particular year in the country there have been many items, artifacts and stories that I have explored, considered, been intrigued about which have not been included amongst these days and pages (or if they have it has been but a fleeting glance)…

Some of them have been very evocative and inspirational, sometimes in spirit, sometimes in actuality.

These are but a few of those other pathways…

1) The Guardians (1971): an often overlooked fictional story of Britain under a homegrown jackboot.

2) Noah’s Ark: the second full length work by Casady sisters Cocorosie – hipster freak folk trip hoppery explorations that entranced me when I first saw them live as did the Anthony and The Johnsons accompanied, Jean Genet-esque Oh You Beautiful Boyz on record.

3) Artemis 81: an early (for me) work by explorer of otherly landscapes and myths David Rudkin…

Artemis 81-David Rudkin-A Year In The Country4) Glitterball: Children’s Film Foundation cosmic energy guzzling.

5) The Witches: Mr Nigel Kneale’s mid 60s investigation of the other side of pleasant village life – also available on laserdisc.

6) The Art Of Small Films: an archival research project on a saggy old cloth cat and fellow travellers by Mr Jonny Trunk.

7) Mayday: further traces of Albion in the overground.

8) Isobell Campbell – Willows Song: a lovely version of this (non)authentic authentic folklore song.

9) Dave and Toni Arthur: a nation is educated by sometimes witchery folk explorers.

10) Akenfield: a communal celluloid tale and passing of the year. See also the oral history book of the same name.

June Tabor-Airs and Graces-Topic Records-A Year In The Country11) June Tabor – Airs and Graces: there is an imposing majesty to this album cover always stops me in my tracks.

12) Hex (1973): yes, that year again – psychedelic folk Western bikerider film – the Psychomania from over the seas?

13) Juniper Tree: Icelandic pop explorer in a witchcraft, Brothers Grimm originated story that has been labelled a fairy tale, science-fiction, fantasy, drama, art house film.

14) Wyrd Daze: a gathering of work, inspirations and support. Tip of the hat to you.

Willie Doherty-Requisite Distance-A Year In The Country

15) Willie Doherty – Requisite Distance: fine art photography tales of the signs of conflict in a land.

16) Wakewood: somewhat graphic folk-horror tale – not an easy watch (tread gently).

17) Emma Tricca: Finders Keepers envoyager of folk songs and songsmith entrancements.

18) History Of UK Underground Folk Rock 1 & 2: compilations often drawn from privately pressed acid/psych folk rarities and lovelies.

19) Phantasmagoria – Specters Of Absence: a gathering of shadow plays old and new.

20) Rural Psychogeography: often such wanderings are associated with urban travels – this wanders elsewhere; somewhat lovely encasing for this particular set of explorations.

Way Of The Morris-A Year In The Country

21) Way Of The Morris: cultural outsider returns home to be seduced by the old ways…

22) The Ballad Of Shirley Collins: …and I wander if that seduction lead to this?

The Awakening-2011-A Year In The Country23) The Awakening: spectral textures in an isolated schoolhouse…

24) Vanishing Britain: a binding of encroachments…

Sharon Harvey-Northern Gothic-A Year In The Country25) Sharon Harvey – Northern Gothic: I recognised reflections of something around these parts…

26) Landscapism: literary explorations and expositions of the land…

27) Forest Punk: a darkening amongst the greenwood…

28) Psychogeographic Review: wanderings across the mind and culture’s landscape.

29) Rivers Of Delight – American Folk Hymns from the Sacred Harp Tradition – Word of Mouth Chorus: Lovely indeed.

30) Into The Unknown – The Fantastic Life of Nigel Kneale: a rare considering of his work.

The Edge Is Where The Centre Is-David Rudkin-Pendas Fen-Seen Studios-A Year In The Country31) The Edge Is Where The Centre Is – David Rudkin and Penda’s Fen – A Conversation: a further explorative artifact undertaken and encased via Sukhev Sandhu and Seen Studios.

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