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The Quietened Bunker – A Gathering Of Transmissions

Transmissions sent, received, transmitted:

Well, there have been a fair few The Quietened Bunker broadcasts and related scribings.

Below is a selection or two of such things.

the-gated-canal-community-radio-show-front-follow-the-geography-trip-a-year-in-the-countryThe Gated Canal Community Radio Show – a fine collaborative effort from the labels Front & Follow and The Geography Trip; “…what are your top 5 pylons?”.

Bliss Aquamarine – considerations of the album courtesy of Kim Harten, ending on this note; “David Colohan of United Bible Studies contributes a soundtrack-esque piece that is stark yet beautiful, a sense of hope shining through the abandonment like flowers arising triumphantly through crumbling concrete.”

Evening of Light – further audiological gatherings and wanderings, including a dual visiting to The Quietened Bunker.

Terrascope – a consideration of the album amongst other admirable layered, considered writing;
“…the drifting drones of “Drakelow Tunnels” is music for ghosts. Created by Grey Frequency the track is stark and beautiful, you can almost see the figures that endlessly walk the abandoned corridors, lost souls frozen in time.”

shindig-magazine-issue-59-quietened-bunker-review-page-91Shindig! – wherein you can find The Quietened Bunker considered by Mr Paul Osborne, nestled amongst and alongside the likes of psych, garage, folk, exploratory synthesized work, the freewheelers of Psychomania, Ms Delia Derbyshire and fellow early electronic music investigators and instigators. You cannot say fairer than that indeed.

The Freakzone – courtesy of Mr Stuart Maconie and his nationally institutional show of musical curiousity.

Music Won’t Save You – amongst ongoing musical reflections from over the seas, courtesy of Mr Raffaello Russo.

The Crooked Button – broadcast amongst the experimental and subterranean delvings of this rather excellently monikered show.


You, The Night & The Music – and a further dual broadcast to be found in the company of musical intriguements curated by Mr Matthew Handley.


The Sunday Experience – a lyrical, flowing consideration; “…a most alluring waltzing orbital sorrowfully sighing in the starry outlands mournfully transmitting crystalline cosmic distress calls from forgotten far off outposts to its long since fallen creator as it observes the heavenly nightlights in states of gracefall dulling, diminishing and disappearing…”

Retromania – interlinked personal, historical wanderings by Mr Simon Reynolds (updated and somewhat extended since the last time it was mentioned around these parts).

Syndae 353 and 354 – a literal dual broadcast courtesy of work from The Quietened Bunker, in amongst all manner of electronic music journeying and roving.


Well, all I can say is thankyou and a tip of the hat (or two) to all involved in the above and also to Keith Seatman, Grey Frequency, 
Unknown Heretic, Listening Center,
 Time Attendant and 
David Colohan for carrying out the explorations contained within the album.

Thankyou kindly good sirs and ladies.


And the album itself? Well…

The Quietened Bunker-Night Edition-all items-A Year In The CountryThe Quietened Bunker is an exploration of the abandoned and/or decommissioned Cold War installations which lie under the land and that would have acted as selectively populated refuges/control centres if the button was ever pushed; a study and reflection on these chimeric bulwarks and the faded but still present memory of associated Cold War dread, of which they are stalwart, mouldering symbols…

It can be found around these parts here and at Norman Records here.


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