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Sale and A Final Wander Through The Restless Fields…

The A Year In The Country CDs etc are now sold out but the albums are available to download at our Bandcamp page, Amazon, The Tidal Store, 7digital etc and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube etc.

The A Year In The Country books are now sold out at our Shop and Bandcamp page but they are available at Amazon UKAmazon US,  Amazon Australia and their other worldwide sites and also from Lulu.

The books may also available to order from other bookshops etc, please direct any queries regarding that directly to them.

There’s currently a sale at the A Year In The Country Artifacts Shop and Bandcamp site, with many items half price or less.

The CDs that are currently available there are the final copies of the albums and stocks are generally fairly limited, so if you’ve ever thought about taking a visit to the quietened village, a wander through the restless field, tuning in to the furthest signals etc then now would be the time to do it…

Featuring and thanks to…
Folclore Impressionista, Grey Frequency, Howlround (Robin The Fog), Sproatly Smith, The Heartwood Institute, Field Lines Cartographer, Pulselovers, The Séance, Vic Mars, The Howling (Robin The Fog and Ken Hollings), Magpahi, Cosmic Neighbourhood, The Rowan Amber Mill, Polypores, Time Attendant, Mark Williamson (Spaceship), Sharron Kraus, Patterned Air / Assembled Minds, The Soulless Party, Depatterning, The Hare And The Moon / Widow’s Weeds, Dom Cooper (The Straw Bear Band etc), Handspan, Endurance, David Colohan, The British Space Group, Listening Centre, Hand of Stabs, Twalif X (Samandtheplants and David Chatton Barker of Folklore Tapes), She Rocola, Michael Tanner etc…⁣

Also thanks to Suzy Prince and Ian Lowey of Bopcap Books for the dab hand editorial work and all the people who have written about, broadcast tracks from, posted, shared and indeed bought the releases. A tip of the hat to you all!

“A Year In The Country quietly go about their business releasing beautifully packaged music that is influenced by folk, electronica, drone as well as by landscape, time and place. These compilations have themes running through them, tying the music together and seemingly telling a story as they unfold.” Terrascope

“[A Year In The Country has been building its] own otherworldly visions of Arcadian England. Both an exploration of a pastoral past and a rumination on a dystopian present… [the albums are] an almanac of unearthly sonics to tide you through the winter nights… audio Polaroids of a secret cartography… a gentle lullaby for post-dystopian dreams.” Shindig!


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