About the Artifacts Shop

The A Year In The Country Artifacts Shop opened at the start of January 2014.

Upon its ether shelves you will find the various corporeal explorations and encasements from the A Year In The Country project – audiological case studies, “perhaps something to decorate the walls of your abode sir/madam?”, a pin-badge set or two and the like…

Please note shop opening hours: Early Morning Hush until A Midnight Sun, Monday – Sunday, 365 days a year.

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A Year In The Country is a set of year long journeys through and searching for an expression of an underlying unsettledness to the English bucolic countryside dream; an exploration of an otherly pastoralism, the patterns beneath the plough, pylons and amongst the edgelands… it is a wandering about and through the trails of things that have influenced, inspired and intrigued me along the way, which will quite possibly take in the further flung reaches of work with its roots in folkloric concerns and what has been labelled hauntological culture.

More details on the project can be found at our main site: http://ayearinthecountry.co.uk/about/

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