Audio Albion-Dawn Light Edition-front-A Year In The Country
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Audio Albion – Dawn Light Edition in fold-out sleeve


Hand-finished white/black CD album in textured recycled fold out sleeve with fold-out insert and badge.

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Product Description

Preorder. Released 29th May 2018.
Limited to 104 copies. Free UK shipping.

Featuring work by Bare Bones, David Colohan, Grey Frequency, Field Lines Cartographer, Howlround, A Year In The Country, Keith Seatman, Magpahi, Sproatly Smith, Widow’s Weeds, Time Attendant, Spaceship, Pulselovers, The Heartwood Institute and Vic Mars.

Audio Albion is a music and field recording map of Britain, which focuses on rural and edgeland areas.

Each track contains field recordings from locations throughout the land.

The tracks record the sounds found and heard when wandering down pathways, over fields, through marshes, alongside rivers, down into caves and caverns, climbing hills, along coastlands, through remote mountain forestland, amongst the signs of industry and infrastructure and its discarded debris.

Intertwined with the literal recording of locations, the album explores the history, myths and beliefs of the places, their atmospheres and undercurrents, personal and cultural connections – the layered stories that lie amongst, alongside and beneath the earth, plants and wildlife.


Further packaging details:
1) Custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink.
2) Includes 2.5 cm badge, secured with removable glue on string bound tag.
3) 1 x folded sheet of accompanying notes from the contributors, hand numbered on back.

Hand-finished and custom printed by A Year In The Country.


1) Bare Bones – Marshland Improvisation
2) David Colohan – On Stormy Point
3) Grey Frequency – Stapleford Hill
4) Field Lines Cartographer – Coldbarrow
5) Howlround – Cold Kissing
6) A Year In The Country – The Fields of Tumbling Ideas
7) Keith Seatman – Winter Sands
8) Magpahi – Shepsters in the Yessins
9) Sproatly Smith – Ethelbert & Mary
10) Widow’s Weeds – The Unquiet Grave
11) Time Attendant – Holloway
12) Spaceship – The Roding in Spate
13) Pulselovers – Thieves’ Cant
14) The Heartwood Institute – Hvin-lettir
15) Vic Mars – Dinedor Hill