Echoes And Reverberations – Dawn Rising Edition


Hand-finished white/black CD album in textured recycled fold out sleeve with fold-out insert, print, sticker and badge.

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Features music and accompanying text on the tracks by Grey Frequency, Pulselovers, Dom Cooper, Listening Center, Howlround, A Year In The Country, Sproatly Smith, Field Lines Cartographer, Depatterning and The Heartwood Institute.


Echoes And Reverberations is a field recording based mapping of real and imaginary film and television locations.

It is in part an exploration of their fictional counterparts’ themes; from apocalyptic tales to never-were documentaries and phantasmagorical government-commissioned instructional films via stories of conflicting mystical forces of the past and present, scientific experiments gone wrong and unleashed on the world, the discovery of buried ancient objects and the reawakening of their malignant alien influence, progressive struggles in a world of hidebound rural tradition and the once optimism of post-war new town modernism.

The album is also a reflection on the way in which areas – whether rural, urban, or edgeland – can become permeated with such tales and undercurrents, creating a landscape of the imagination where fact and fiction intertwine. The resulting layering may at times create ongoing echoes and reverberations which personally, culturally and possibly literally leave their marks on the history and atmospheres of places, with these locations becoming a source of inspiration and cultural pilgrimage.

Each track contains field recordings from one such journey and their seeking of the spectral will-o’-the-wisps of locations’ imagined or often hidden flipsides.

Further packaging details:
1) Custom printed by A Year In The Country using archival giclée pigment ink.
2) Includes badge, secured with removable glue on string bound tag.
3) Folded sheet of accompanying notes on textured laid paper, hand numbered on back.
4) Print on cotton rag textured fine art paper.
5) Round vinyl-style sticker.



1) Grey Frequency: King Penda
2) Pulselovers: The Edge Of The Cloud
3) Dom Cooper: What Has Been Uncovered Is Evil
4) Listening Center: From Bull Island To Avondale
5) Howlround: Smashing
6) A Year In The Country: Not A Playground
7) Sproatly Smith: Gone Away
8) Field Lines Cartographer: Mr Scarecrow
9) Depatterning: The Ogham Stones
10) The Heartwood Institute: Ribble Head Viaduct


“A series of songs inspired by (and featuring field recordings from) film and TV locations, some iconic, some imaginary. It’s an endlessly compelling idea, the way that landscapes can become imprinted with the fictions we bring to bear on them. These tracks seek to channel that feeling, audio Polaroids of a secret cartography, and taken as a whole, this is probably the most successful AYITC album yet… The pulsing drone of Grey Frequency’s ‘King Penda’ is like the breathing of something monstrous, gradually overwhelming the cold synth arpeggio in the foreground. Dom Cooper’s ‘What Has Been Uncovered Is Evil’ similarly hints at arcane technology waiting to be activated. Conversely, the distant piano and violin of Pulselovers’ ‘The Edge Of The Cloud’ is rather lovely, and Sproatly Smith’s ‘Gone Away is a gentle lullaby for post-dystopian dreams.” Joe Banks, Shindig!

“Every fresh listen adds another layer of understanding – or, perhaps, misunderstanding – to the experience, to conjure fresh and further phantoms…” Dave Thompson, Goldmine