The Restless Field – Night Edition box set


Hand-finished box-set contains: album on all black CDr, 12 page string bound booklet, 4 x badge pack, 1 x large badge, 2 x landscape format stickers.

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Limited to 104 copies. Free UK shipping.

The Restless Field is a study of the land as a place of conflict and protest as well as beauty and escape; an exploration and acknowledgment of the history and possibility of protest, resistance and struggle in the landscape/rural areas, in contrast with more often referred to urban events.

It takes inspiration from flashpoints in history while also interweaving personal and societal myth, memory, the lost and hidden tales of the land.

References and starting points include: The British Miners Strike of 1984 and the Battle Of Orgreave. Gerrard Winstanley & the Diggers/True Levellers in the 17th century. The first battle of the English Civil War in 1642. The burying of The Rotherwas Ribbon. The Mass Tresspass of Kinder Scout in 1932. Graveney Marsh/the last battle fought on English soil. The Congested Districts Board/the 19th century land war in Ireland. The Battle Of The Beanfield in 1985.

Audiological contents created by Field Lines Cartographer, Vic Mars, Bare Bones, Assembled Minds, Grey Frequency, Endurance, Listening Center, Pulselovers, Sproatly Smith, Polypores, Depatterning, Time Attendant, A Year In The Country and David Colohan.

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Further encasement details:
1) Booklet/cover art custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink.
2) Contained in a matchbox style sliding two-part rigid matt card box with cover print.
3) Fully black CDr (black on top, black on playable side).
4) Black string bound booklet: 12 pages (6 sides printed);
Printed on textured fine art cotton rag paper, heavy card and semi-transparent vellum.
Hand numbered on the reverse.
5) 4 x badge set, contained in a see-through polythene bag with a folded card header.
6) 1 x large badge.
7) 2 x vinyl style landscape format sticker.


Further Audiological Exploration Details:
1) Ghosts Of Blood & Iron – Field Lines Cartographer
2) Mortimer’s Cross – Vic Mars
3) [ fears ] avaunt! upon ‘the’ hill – Bare Bones
4) 3am M5 Field Raid – Assembled Minds
5) Agrarian Lament – Grey Frequency
6) Beneath The Cherry Trees – Endurance
7) Congested District – Listening Center
8) Badby 80 – Pulselovers
9) Ribbons – Sproatly Smith
10) Graveney Marsh – Polypores
11) Last Best West (circ. 1896) – Depatterning
12) Black Slab – Time Attendant
13) A Mutable History Under A Bright June Sky – A Year In The Country
14) Beyond Jack’s Gate – David Colohan

Artwork / encasment design by AYITC Ocular Signals Department.

Hand-finished and custom printed using archival giclée pigment ink by
A Year In The Country.

Artifact #2a
Library Reference Numbers: A008TRFN

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…another exquisitely packaged affair… One of their best efforts so far… murky and ominous as befits the guiding thematic: places that are spectrally imprinted with past conflicts and struggles.” Simon Reynolds, author of Retromania and Energy Flash


“…a beautifully curated and packaged collection of tracks… The Restless Field is something quite special, a concept album that shows its references but lets you do the thinking. We Are Cult highly recommend spending a little time in the long grass with it.
Martin Ruddock at We Are Cult