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The Layering – Reviews and Broadcasts

A selection of reviews, broadcasts etc of The Layering album:

First up is a review in issue 70 of Electronic Sound magazine by Bob Fischer of The Haunted Generation site and Fortean Times column:

“…an evocative melding of windswept recordings and traditional pipe melodies… [a] haunting evocation of… ‘what lies beneath’.”

Visit Electronic Sound here and The Haunted Generation site here.

Above is a review by Ben Graham in issue 109 of Shindig! magazine:

“Unsettling and oddly meditative, The Layering proves that all the best things happen below the surface.”

Visit Ben’s website and details of his other writing work (including his book A Gathering of Promises: The Battle for Texas’s Psychedelic Music, from the 13th Floor Elevators to the Black Angels and Beyond) can be found here.

Shindig!’s site can be visited here.

Next is Eoghan Lyng’s review at We Are Cult:

“…speaks of interwoven geographies and technologies… a magnificent soundscape of noise… One of the most astonishing works 2020 has offered us.”

Visit that review at We Are Cult’s site here.

The album wandered over the seas and was reviewed at Rafaello Russo’s Music Won’t Save You site:

“…grainy analogue echoes… memories made opaque by time…”

Visit that here.

The album was featured in A Closer Listen’s Fall Music Preview – Ambient amongst an intriguing selection of ambient, experimental etc work. Visit that here.

And then onto some of the broadcasts etc of the album:

Golden Apples of the Sun played the Grey Frequency, Vic Mars and A Year In The Country tracks from the album on their 4th October 2020 episode, in amongst their “musical odyssey through psych-tinged realms such as pastoral folk, glitch, lo-fi electronica, hauntology and hypnagogic pop. Through blissful reverie and sun-dappled hallucinogenic soundscapes, find yourself transported to a world beyond time, where both past and future intermingle…”

The tracklisting, related videos etc for the show can be found at their website here. Originally broadcast on RTR FM a “just the music” version of the episode is archived at Mixcloud.

Flatland Frequencies included Field Lines Cartographer and Handspan’s tracks from the album amongst their “Ambient // Techno // Elektronische Musik” audio explorations on their 23rd September 2020 episode.

View the tracklisting and other details here and the show is archived at Mixcloud here.

The Heartwood Institute, Vic Mars and Handspan’s tracks from the album were featured on the 24th September 2020 edition of Kites and Pylons:

“Kites and Pylons is a radio show of otherworldly electronica… a heady brew of radical radiophonics, moody modular synths and eccentric experimentalism.”

Originally broadcast on Sine FM, the show is archived at Mixcloud.

Widow’s Weeds’ Gilmerton Cove was included in ezine Wyrd Daze’ Autumn and Wise (The Fall) mix alongside their wanderings amongst the fringes and undercurrents of culture. Visit that here.

A Year In The Country’s track from the album was included in the decidedly spooky (!) Mind De-Coder Halloween Special 2020. Visit that here.

Field Lines Cartographer, Grey Frequency and A Year In The Country’s tracks were included amongst the ever fascinating selections of Sunrise Ocean Bender’s show on the 22nd October 2020 episode. Originally broadcast on WRIR FM the show’s tracklisting can be found here and the show itself is archived at Mixcloud.

And then in a rounding the circle manner, Widow’s Weeds’ Gilmerton Cove was also featured on sometimes A Year In The Country music contributor’s The Séance’s phantom seaside radio show, on the 19th September 2020 episode.

Originally broadcast via Radio Reverb, totallyradio and Sine FM the show’s tracklisting can be found here and it is archived at Mixcloud here.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to all concerned!

The Layering album explores the way that places are literally layered with history, and is an audio slicing through the layers of time.

It features music and accompanying text on the tracks by: Circle/Temple, The Heartwood Institute, Sproatly Smith, A Year In The Country, Field Lines Cartographer, Howlround, Folclore Impressionista, Handspan, Widow’s Weeds, Listening Center, Vic Mars, Pulselovers and Grey Frequency.

More details on the album can be found here.


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