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Year 2… and so the wanderings begin again…

A Year In The Country-Year 2
File under: Inceptive Transmissions

The first year of wanderings around these part largely took place via a searching for “an underlying unsettledness to the English bucolic countryside dream; an exploration of an otherly pastoralism, the patterns beneath the plough, pylons and amongst the edgelands“.

That investigation was carried out via travellings amongst the “further flung reaches of work with its roots in folkloric concerns and what has been labelled hauntological culture“, accompanied by my own photographic/graphic work.

The second year of wanderings will set off from those travellings and shall explore down different, sometimes intertwined, pathways – heading out through the brambles, the forests and over the fields.

It will take the form of an audiological research journey – more specifically once per week a piece of music created by A Year In The Country will be sent out into the ether.

A Year In The Country-Year 2-Fractures 1

They may well be accompanied by more corporeal artifacts and encasements as the weeks go by.

The work will be an exploration of the often semi-hidden aspects of life in the tamed (and not so tamed) lands; it will incorporate and explore the transmissions that fill the air, the crackles of the zeros and ones devices that abound amongst the log piles, trees and smoking chimneys, the water that runs through and under the land, the ghosts and fractures from a life and culture once lived far away from the wald.

In many ways it will be the audiological accompaniment to my photographic work, wherein the intention was in part to “try and create a new language of nature/landscape photography, one which would (hopefully) make sense to an urban and/or subcultural sensibility“.

These audiological explorations and transmissions will continue along that path; creating culture that lives amongst the fringes but which has at its heart a sylvan and verdant landscape, while looking to and from a world that finds itself increasingly post recent acts of enclosure.

A Year In The Country-Year 2-Fractures 2


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