A Year In The Country – Spectral Fields – Wyrd Kalendar Mix 1; Chapters 1-13

  • A Year In The Country-Spectral Fields-Wyrd Kalendar Mix 1-Chris Lambert

    Throughout the year Chris Lambert, author of amongst other works Tales from the Black Meadow, is planning on creating four mixes which each explore 13 chapters of the A Year In The Country: Wandering Through Spectral Fields book.

    Tales from the Black Meadow-Chris Lamber-Nigel Wilson-book-front and back covers

    They will include a selection of music tracks, trailers, clips from the book etc which in various ways connect with and reflect the wanderings in the book.

    A-Year-In-The-Country-Wandering-Through-Spectral-Fields-book-Stephen-Prince-6 copies-front cover and back cover

    The first mix is now online and can be listened to at Mixcloud and read about at the Wyrd Kalendar site.

    And rather fine it is. At points it made me laugh out loud, at other times it was good to revisit some old audio friends, at others just to be able to step back and appreciate the intermingling and interweaving of tracks, styles, text and ideas.

    It also made me wander if it is possible to sponsor a stile, in the same way that you see say public benches that have been sponsored by people?

    I’m not sure but in the meantime, hop over the Ghost Box stile and wander the Spectral Fields with Mr Lambert

    I-Spy books-Trees-The Sky

    A quiz for all the family:

    While you wander the Spectral Fields, in an I-Spy manner, can you match the chapters and song titles below?

    Rob Young-Electric Eden-book covers-1st edition-2nd edition-US edition

    Chapters explored in the Spectral Fields Wyrd Kalendar Mix 1:

    1. Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain’s Visionary Music: Folk Vs Pop, Less Harvested Cultural Landscapes and Acts of 
Enclosure, Old and New

    2. Gather in the Mushrooms: Early Signposts and Underground Acid Folk Explorations

    3. Hauntology: Places Where Society Goes to Dream, the Defining and Deletion of Spectres and the Making of an Ungenre

    4. Cuckoos in the Same Nest: Hauntological and Otherly Folk Confluences and Intertwinings


    5. Ghost Box Records: Parallel Worlds, Conjuring Spectral Memories, Magic Old and New and Slipstream Trips to the
 Panda Pops Disco

    6. Folk Horror Roots: From But a Few Seedlings Did a Great Forest Grow

    7. 1973: A Time of Schism and a Dybbuk’s Dozen of Fractures

    8. Broadcast: Recalibration, Constellation and Exploratory Pop

    The Book of the Lost-Emily Jones-The Rowand Amber Mill-CD albumThe Book Of The Lost-A Year In The Country

    9. Tales From The Black Meadow, The Book of the Lost and The Equestrian Vortex: The Imagined Spaces of Imaginary Soundtracks

    10. The Wicker Man: Notes on a Cultural Behemoth

    11. Robin Redbreast, The Ash Tree, Sky, The Changes, Penda’s Fen Red Shift and The Owl Service: Wanderings Through Spectral Television Landscapes

    12. A Bear’s Ghosts: Soviet Dreams and Lost Futures

    13. From “Two Tribes” to War Games: The Ascendancy of Apocalyptic Popular Culture


    Albion Country Band-Battle of the Field

    Songs etc included in the Spectral Fields Wyrd Kalendar Mix 1:

    “We’re going to take a slightly different route…” – The Kalendar Host
    I Was a Young Man – The Albion Country Band
    Glistening Glyndebourne – John Martyn
    Black Country Rock – David Bowie

    Gather In The Mushrooms-Bob Stanley-The British Acid Folk Underground-album-A Year In The Country 0001-A Year In The Country-Gather In The Mushrooms-back

    Love in Ice Crystals – The Sallyangie
    Morning Way – Trader Horne
    Children of the Stones – Sidney Sager
    Caged in Stammheim by Demdike Stare

    The Quietened Village-album CD cover-A Year In The Country-1px strokeThe Stone Tape-1972-logo credits-Nigel Kneale

    Flying over a Glassed Wedge vs. The Stone Tape – Howlround
    Playground Gateway – Belbury Poly
    Mind How You Go Now – The Advisory Circle
    Forgotten Places – Hoofus
    The Magic Yard – Lubos Fiser

    Hoofus-The Edgelands-game soundtrack-album artwork-HoofusEdgelands-Marshlight software-Hoofus-3b

    Loomings – Hoofus
    Witch Hunt – Frog
    Trailer – The Final Programme

    Dark and Lonely Water-6-A Year In The Country copy

    The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water – Central Office of Information
    The Be Colony – Broadcast and The Focus Group
    I See, So I See So – Broadcast and The Focus Group

    Noahs Castle-television series-1979-1980-John Rowe-A Year in The Country-5Noahs Castle-television series-1979-1980-John Rowe-A Year in The Country-6

    Noah’s Castle – Jugg

    Tales From The Black Meadow-A Year In The Country Tales From The Black Meadow-Professor R Mullins-Chris Lambert-A Year In The Country

    Tales from the Black Meadow (Main Theme) – The Soulless Party
    The Book of the Lost – Rowan Amber Mill and Emily Jones

    Berberian Sound Studio-Equestrian Vortex-Julian House-Peter Strickland

    The Equestrian Vortex – Broadcast
    Corn Rigs – Magnet
    Wickerman – Pulp

    The Wicker Man-Trunk Records release-OST-vinyl-soundtrack-map

    Gently Johnny – Magnet
    How Do – Sneaker Pimps
    Searching for Rowan – Magnet


    The Owl Service – Ton Alarch
    The Dream of Gerontius/Penda’s Fen/Robin Redbreast – Edward Elgar
    The Tomorrow People – Dudley Simpson
    Red Shift Trailer – Phil Ryan
    The Changes vs. The Ash Tree – Paddy Kingsland

    The Owl Service-Garland Sessions-album artwork

    The Bear Ghost – The Owl Service

    Wargames-1983 film-A Year In The Country

    WarGames – clip
    Dancing with Tears in my Eyes – Ultravox
    WarGames Theme – Arthur B. Rubinstein
    Since Yesterday – Strawberry Switchblade
    The Game Begins – Arthur B. Rubinstein
    I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me – Nik Kershaw
    Edge of the World (End Title) – Arthur B. Rubinstein
    Coming Soon – The Kalendar Host


    Thanks indeed to Mr Lambert for being such a helpful and informative Kalendar Host and for the work involved. A tip of the hat to you good sir.

    Wyrd Kalendar-book cover-Chris Lambert-Andy Paciorek-Folk Horror Revival-Wyrd Harvest Press

    Tales From The Black Meadow – the book (or few), the CD (or few), the project
    The Wyrd Kalendar book by Chris Lambert and Andy Paciorek (published by Wyrd Harvest Press / Folk Horror Revival)
    A Year In The Country – Spectral Fields – Wyrd Kalendar Mix 1; Chapters 1-13 at Mixcloud
    The mix at the Wyrd Kalendar website
    Tales from the Black Meadow – the book by Chris Lambert
    Chris Lambert’s own writing website

    Elsewhere at A Year In The Country:
    The A Year In The Country Wandering Through Spectral Fields book


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