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1878: Mr Smithwick – The Corn Mother 13/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Ever since the night of the harvest feast the village has seemed somehow unsettled. Lifelong friends meet warily or won’t talk at all. There is suspicion all around and little work being done.

There is much talk of people being visited in their dreams by the corn mother, who seems to be some kind of supernatural embodiment of Ms Jessop. People say she arrives as a wraithlike figure and while they sleep she enacts her revenge, souring and spoiling milk and food, bringing illness to livestock, ruination to crops and causing savings to disappear into thin air as a form of reparations.

I’d put it all down to guilt and related paranoia for burning the cottage down but the veterinary does seem to have been called out a lot of late and there has seemed to be a fair degree of ailment amongst the village.

What’s this now? Ashton and Fowler brawling with Jeremiah in the middle of the street. I’ll have to go over and try and stop the young fools.


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