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1970: Peter – The Corn Mother 18/52

Act 2/4

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

I’ve got this script I’ve been working on. I’d been watching all those gothic horror films, vampires, country mansions and all that in the cinemas for years and one day I thought to myself “I could do that, write one of these films, how hard could it be?”

Well, writing it’s the easy part. Well, sort of. It’s the selling it, getting paid, getting it made that’s difficult. I’ve made a few tentative steps in that direction but nothing in earnest yet. The script still needs a bit more work.

I’m not new to this writing lark though. I was one of the main writers on an underground magazine until not so long ago. It was a good gig. Until it wasn’t. We thought we were going to change the world, that the future was peacock bright, full of love and psychedelia. There seems to have been a heavy toll for those dreams for some, a fair few, shall we say, casualties.

One of which was my bank balance. I hadn’t been paid for months, still kept submitting my articles, beavering away for the cause and all that. Temporary cash flow problems was what they kept telling me, they were just waiting for X, Y and Z to pay them and then everything would be fine again.

It wasn’t. I’ll mark it up to experience I guess.

Since then it’s been baked beans and the odd bit of cash in hand work here and there. It’s not quite all mod cons where I live but my rent’s fairly cheap, which makes things easier.

It’s going pretty well actually. I had this idea of a rural village in the 19th century, where the villagers decide wrong-headedly that one of their own has cursed their crops and the descent of the village into its own form of guilt-ridden madness after they take matters into their own hands.

I’m trying to step aside from all the more hammy side of horror, make something a bit more real I guess. We’ll see how it goes.


(This is part of a year long serialisation of The Corn Mother novella written by Stephen Prince. More details on The Corn Mother book and albums here.)


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