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1972: Peter – The Corn Mother 20/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

This bloody script. I wish I’d never started it. I’ve been working on it for a couple of years or more now and I’ve got dozens of versions sat around in my room.

I’ve just come back from another meeting with a potential producer. Believe it or not I’ve got an agent, all official and everything. Just a friend of a friend that I bumped into at a party. He’s been sending the script out for a while now and there’s been some interest, which is good, but nothing definite, which isn’t.

Part of the problem is that everybody I have a meeting with seems to have their own ideas about the script, suggestions of how to make it better. Well, not so much suggestions, more “Change it like this and we’ll think about making it”. Only think about it mind.

For a while I really thought it was going to get the green light. This European director was interested. I’ve seen some of his stuff, it’s pretty good. Quite highbrow in a continental kind of a way, i.e. still a bit smutty but wrapped up in arthouse stylings, so it’s okay to like it. Actually, that sounds dismissive of his work, which I don’t mean to be. When I met him I got the sense that he was a wily old fox. He didn’t say anything but he seemed to understand the game, knew that if he added a certain amount of sauce to his films that it would make it easier to get them funded and to get the punters in once it was made. He was a realist in a way, he just hid it well.

But then the money disappeared. I don’t know if the producers just decided it wasn’t for them, couldn’t see the market for it or what it was. The director seemed genuinely quite sorry about it, he took me out for something to eat and said he wished that he could make the film but it just wasn’t to be.


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