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1974: Peter – The Corn Mother 21/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

All these hours and years of working on the script and what happens?

I went to the pictures the other night to see this film The Wicker Man that had just opened. Really I just wanted a break from all the talk of the General Election and I’m sick of the electric going out at night ‘cause of all the power shortages, what with the miners’ disputes and trouble in the Middle East. They’ve introduced a three-day working week to save on fuel and half the time if you go to the pub you’re having to drink by candle light.

I didn’t know all that much about the film, I just wanted an escape for a couple of hours.

That’s not quite what I got. This film, it had everything I’ve been aiming for with The Corn Mother. And more. It’s sort of… well, indefinable really. Part horror, part detective thriller. Almost a musical. It’s set rurally. There’s a crop failure. People who live in a small community take matters into their own hands.

I was a bit knocked for six. At first I couldn’t see how we’d ever get somebody to make The Corn Mother now. It’s very different but there are enough similarities to scupper it.

Mind you, my agent says if The Wicker Man does well then that might help as producers might think that what worked once could work again.


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