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1982: Peter – The Corn Mother 27/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Remember I said I wasn’t going to have all that much to do with the production of the film? That’s not quite what happened. It turns out that Alain was directing it, he got in touch with me, and the next thing I knew I was on set, making last minute changes to the script and tucking into the catering.

Mary wasn’t happy of course. I had to take an unpaid sabbatical from work but… well, I just had to do it.

I’d never been on a filmset before. There was a lot of sitting around waiting for things to be set up, take after take of some shots. And then there’s the British weather. Maybe setting a fair bit of the story in the country and outside wasn’t such a good idea. We had a particularly wet September but I managed to work some of that into the revisions. Storm-drenched villagers cowering from the rain and their guilt. I think it worked pretty well.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished thing. I’ve got a vision in my mind’s eye of how its going to look but its hard to know for definite until you see it fully edited and finalised.


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