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1982: Sarah – The Corn Mother 26/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

I have to say I’m enjoying working on this film. I saw some of the director Alain’s earlier films back in my student days. They were the sort of films at that age you liked to be able to say you’d seen. You know, all arty and that.

Actually, though his films were arty, they were accessible to. Entertaining as well as being talking points. And although The Corn Mother is a bit trashy in parts, I can see that he’s quietly try- ing to elevate it a little, add a few extra layers of meaning to it.

Some of the visuals remind me of those pop videos that are becoming ever more popular and I seem to have spent quite a bit of my time looking like an extra in a Kate Bush video. All ethereal and otherworldly as the villagers see me in their dreams and nightmares.


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