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1984: Ellen – The Corn Mother 31/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Always get an advance. I know that now. I’d put in a lot of hours on that soundtrack, battling with temperamental synths, syncing it all to the onscreen action. I thought I’d done some of my best work and it was pretty much finished, we were just tinkering really while we waited for final approval from the production company.

I’ve not got a single note of it, only what I can play back in my head. I got into the studio one morning and all the tapes were gone, as were my reference notes and lists of settings. Nobody else who worked in the actual studios, the engineers or anybody, was there, so I asked the receptionist what was going on. They just shrugged, said something about problems with the production company.

I asked if they knew where the tapes had gone. More shrugs. The only thing they knew was that the hire companies were coming to collect the synths that afternoon.


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