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1984: Gerry – The Corn Mother 34/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

It’s been a funny old week. I work at a video duplication place and sometimes we make up smaller runs that are used as promotional tapes to send around the trade shows and magazines, the distributors and so on.

I’d made up this small batch of a film called The Corn Mother. Some kind of horror thing I think. It hadn’t been shown at the cinema and was going straight to video.

I boxed them up and put them to one side, the plan was for them to be sent out the following day.

Anyways, I got in the next morning and they were nowhere to be seen. There was nothing in the collections book about them already having been picked up so I asked Reg the supervisor about it.

He got properly shifty. Looked worried as well. Said there’d been a cancellation on the order and not to worry about it. I asked him about the invoice as I didn’t want to end up getting a roasting about them not being paid for. He just brushed it aside, said it had all been sorted but I looked and there’s nothing in the files. It’s odd as he’s normally so by the book.

If he says it’s sorted then I guess it is. It’s not worth worrying about, especially as I’ve got a busy day making copies of some film called The Keep. I’ve watched a bit of the master copy to check the quality before I set the machines rolling. Seems like an odd film. Set in small rural village area, a bit horror, a bit supernatural. Reminded me in part of a pop video. Not all that different in a way to the bits of The Corn Mother that I saw when I was getting ready to duplicate that.

He needs to watch where he’s going that Reg. He had a right shiner on one of his eyes. I asked him about it but he said he’d just dropped a box of tapes when he was getting it off the shelf. Strange that. I’ve never seen him lift anything heavier than a teacup or his pay packet.


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