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1984: Peter – The Corn Mother 32/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Well, what a fuck up.

I could just leave it there but I suppose I should say some more.

The film had been edited and was, I think, ready to go. And then it all came out. Gines had not just his fingers in the till, more a shovel day and night. The receivers were called in and now the film’s in limbo. Nobody seems to quite know who owns it or even where the finished reels are.

Half the cast and crew still haven’t been paid, the other half have had something but everybody’s on a promise that’s never coming true.

And you can guess which half I’m part of. Mary’s furious. She’d been looking forward to a holiday with me, the kids and her folks. A proper family do by the seaside but that’s not happening any time soon now.

So I’ve been back at the paper for a while now. That bloody woman Thatcher got in again last year. Four more years of decimating those who aren’t on the gravy train. Smashing. And now she’s taken the miners on and they’re getting a hiding. I’ve been reporting on it a bit but what makes it into the paper is skewed towards one side more than a little. And if you fancy having a go at some more guessing then I expect you can work out which side its leaning towards.


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