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2018: Andrew – The Corn Mother 45/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

I was doing one of my periodic searches for The Corn Mother online the other day. I don’t do that so much anymore. Maybe my passion for the whole search has died down. Maybe I’m just getting older and I’m starting to finally accept that I’m never going to see it.

In the search results there pops up this album called The Corn Mother. It’s described as being “Reflections on an imaginary film” and the explanatory text that accompanies it is pretty much a potted history of the film’s plot, it’s production, non-release and all the rumours about people having seen it.

It’s not accurate in all the details but not far off.

Strange that they’ve called it an imaginary film. Yes, it’s near- mythical but it’s not an imaginary film.

The album is said to be “an exploration of the whispers that tumble forth from the corn mother’s kingdom, whisperings that have seemed to gain a life of their own”.

I’ve ordered a copy. I’m looking forward to hearing it, seeing if it captures the spirit of the film that’s been playing in my head for all these years.


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