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2019: Andrew – The Corn Mother 46/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Like happens with a lot of cultural movements, folk horror as a genre seems to have reached some kind of possibly saturated peak. I keep seeing it mentioned in mainstream national papers, book festival programmes, new films being called folk horror and so on.

Curiously though, The Corn Mother and the whole mystery around it doesn’t seem to have caught the attention of mainstream pundits. You’d think it would be tailor made for at least one “lost film” article.

Maybe there have been some written but I’ve just missed them.

And although I’m more resigned to never finding it, there are some things that still keep me holding out hope that one day the film will turn up.

Like the long thought lost original psychedelic ending to Saul Bass’ far from conventional take on the science fiction genrePhase IV being found. That was made in 1974 but the original ending wasn’t discovered until 2012.

Initially after it was found it only got, I think, a brief showing at one cinema in the States but it’s been released to stream at home now.

So you never know.


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