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2021: Andrew – The Corn Mother 49/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

I know it was made. I’ve read about it. It’s been written about a fair old bit. I’ve had conversations about it. Asked at conventions if anybody had a copy and they didn’t say “Never heard of it”, they’d just say something like they were looking for it as well.

But last week when I looked it up online I couldn’t find any mention apart from that album I bought and some references to corn mother folklore. There’s not another single word anywhere about it.

I thought maybe it was just a blip online. Some search engine algorithm had gone out of sync, servers gone down or something. A whole pile of coincidences that had happened at once.

I’ve searched again every day since. It’s still not there. There’s nothing at that stores a lot of old web pages either. I asked and emailed people I know about it and I just got a similar blank response as that actor gave me at the film convention last year.

But I’ve got the notes I made all those years ago for the fanzine up in the loft somewhere, my printouts of internet pages, the magazines where it’s mentioned. They’re all here. All of them.


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