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2022: Jack – The Corn Mother 50/52

 Act 4/4

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

This lady asked me to come and clear out her husband’s stuff. I wasn’t sure if he’d passed away or they’d split up and he’d left it all behind, and I didn’t want to ask and upset her. You just have to get on with the job in that situation.

There were plenty of old cameras and lenses, some darkroom equipment. I’m not sure if anybody really wants that stuff anymore. Maybe a few collectors online buy that kind of thing. Valerie would know more about that.

Down in the cellar there was more of the same and a few boxes with film reels in them. I asked her about those. She didn’t seem to know a lot about them, said he used to bring home all kinds of stuff from work, hated seeing things thrown away.

It’s not really my line. Old furniture and nick-nacks, that’s what I tend to look out for. What I know about.


(This is part of ayear long serialisation of The Corn Mother novella written by Stephen Prince. More details on The Corn Mother book and albums here.)


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