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2022: Valerie – The Corn Mother 51/52

The Corn Mother novella weekly serialisation artwork

Jack came back from a house clearance today. Mostly old junk and things destined for the skip. A few nice old cameras. I told him how they get used as ornaments nowadays and some people have even started using them again, so they’re worth putting out in the shop. He just looked at me gone out, said something about couldn’t they just use their phone and did Boots even develop films anymore.

One thing that caught my eye was these boxes with film reels in them. You know those old fashioned looking silver canisters that take you back to another era. The kind of things cinemas used. A fair few of those. I asked Jack about them but he said the woman whose house they were from didn’t seem to know all that much about them.

Most of the canisters were unmarked but one had, I think, The Corn Mother written on it. It was faded and scuffed, so it was hard to be sure. I don’t know if this kind of thing goes for much or if you’re even allowed to sell them if they were used in cinemas. I’ll have to look it up online.


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