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A Statement on and Rejection of Extremism

It has recently been brought to our attention that Richard Moult, one of the music contributors to the A Year In The Country releases, had previous associations with an apparently small fringe organisation that holds and promotes extreme right views and that to some degree despite saying that he was no longer connected with the organisation he may have possible and alleged ongoing connections with it.

There is no space or place within A Year In The Country for such views; we find them abhorrent, repugnant and fundamentally reject them.

When we released music featuring his work we had no knowledge of his association with such a group nor of any related extreme former or possible ongoing political or other beliefs held by him nor of any related activities. At that time his solo and collaborative work had been released by literally dozens of record labels, none of which to our knowledge held or espoused such or similar extreme views and therefore we accepted the work in good faith.

While we are not able to corroborate the facts relating to this matter we do not wish in any way to be associated with such extreme views and therefore we have removed work by him from A Year In The Country and related sites. We have also applied to have any work by him released by A Year In The Country removed from any wider music downloading and streaming sites – although the completion of this removal process once submitted can take up to 30 days.

We have not released music containing work by him since March 2017 and will not be releasing any further work by him.

We also do not wish to give the ongoing air of publicity to such extreme views and therefore beyond this statement we will not be entering into further public or private debate about this matter.

Thank you.

A Year In The Country
29th November 2018


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