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A Year In The Country Sale and Bargains

The A Year In The Country CDs etc are now sold out but the albums are available to download at our Bandcamp page, Amazon, The Tidal Store, 7digital etc and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube etc.

The A Year In The Country books are available at Amazon UKAmazon US,  Amazon Australia and their other worldwide sites and also from Lulu.

The books may also available to order from other bookshops etc, please direct any queries regarding that directly to them.

Starting today, Friday 7th May 2021, there is a sale and bargains to be had at the A Year In The Country Artifacts Shop and Bandcamp.

The 2018 The Corn Mother CD album and its explorations of a lost folkloric fever dream film and cassettes of Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels and its gathering and weaving of scattered radio signals plucked from the ether are available at reduced prices.

Also there are some copies of the Wandering Through Spectral Fields and Straying From The Pathways books that have slight print variations, imperfections etc, also at reduced prices.

Thanks as always to those who created the music for the The Corn Mother album: Gavino Morretti, Pulselovers, The Heartwood Institute, United Bible Studies (David Colohan, Dom Cooper of The Owl Service / Rif Mountain and Alison O’Donnell of Mellow Candle), Widow’s Weeds, Depatterning, Sproatly Smith and Field Lines Cartographer.

Also thanks for the dab hand editorial and design work on the A Year In The Country books and The Corn Mother album by Ian Lowey and Suzy Prince of the online and bricks and mortar bookshop Bopcap Books, of which I have written previously:

“Where else are you likely to hear Blue Note Strikes a Radical Chord, Serge Gainsbourg, The Advisory Circle’s Ways of Seeing and The Sound of Music as ‘interpreted to gloriously kitsch effect by Slovenian industrial ironists Laibach’ while perusing a selection of carefully curated vintage cult books and literature curios?”

“You want to see the film as described in the liner notes, and as conjured in the songs on the album, and that’s an incredible trick to pull off… This is hauntology – the genre, rather than the philosophical dystopic – in its finest form, where buried memories of film, TV, music, and life come to the surface, often unverifiable because the hard copy has been lost or was never properly recorded in the first instance.” Alan Boon, Starburst on The Corn Mother

“Spectral sounds made for wandering the moors [while] radio waves permeate the fog-cloaked air… interference, plain piano song, shimmering electronics, remote listening and shadowy melodies make for an elegant and sinister experience…” Include Me Out on Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels

“Straying From The Pathways is a comprehensive and hugely satisfying read, both as a book and as a reference guide to the liminal and the eerie in popular culture. There are numerous rabbit holes and recommendations for the reader in which to wander or to explore, and the book as a whole rewards repeated readings, such is the wealth of ideas or intriguing cross-referencing between genres and mediums… Highly recommended; a haunted house of a book that you will wish to frequent time and time again.” Grey Malkin, Moof on A Year In The Country: Straying From The Pathways

“A new book caught my eye recently – the title A Year In The Country: Wandering Through Spectral Fields, that goes in search of the darker, eerier side of the bucolic countryside dream by looking at films of a certain genre, books, TV series, music; it is great to have this fascinating subject explored so thoroughly and brought together under one title.” Verity Sharp, Late Junction, BBC Radio 3


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