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All The Merry Year Round – Preview Clips Online: Artifact Report #43/52a

All The Merry Year Round-landscape artwork 1-A Year In The Country

All The Merry Year Round album preview clips are online.

Visit them at Soundcloud.

Album pre-order available 7th November 2017 at our Artifacts Shop and at Bandcamp.
Released 28th November 2017.

All-The-Merry-Year-Round-album-cover-A-Year-In-The-Country-stroke 2 All The Merry Year Round is an exploration of an alternative or otherly calendar that considers how traditional folklore and its tales now sit alongside and sometimes intertwine with cultural or media based folklore; stories we discover, treasure, are informed and inspired by but which are found, transmitted and passed down via television, film and technology rather than through local history and the ritual celebrations of the more longstanding folkloric calendar.

The album features United Bible Studies, Circle/Temple (Dom Cooper of The Owl Service/The Straw Bear Band/Rif Mountain), Magpahi, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Field Lines Cartographer, Polypores, A Year In The Country, Sproatly Smith, Pulselovers, The Hare And The Moon & Jo Lepine (The Owl Service), Time Attendant and The Séance (Pete Wiggs of Saint Etienne and James Papademetrie).

Further details on the album can be found here.


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