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At Home With Include Me Out: Artifact Report #9/52a

Include Me Out-Robin Tomens-The Quietened Village-A Year In The Country

Over the months I’ve enjoyed seeing/reading Include Me Out’s writing and photographing about various A Year In The Country releases. Some of them have been mentioned around these parts before and below is a gathering of them and more…

Airwaves-Songs From The Sentinels cover-A Year In The Country“…spectral sounds made for wandering the moors… interference, plain piano song, shimmering electronics, remote listening & shadowy melodies make for an elegant & sinister experience.” On Airwaves: Songs From The Sentinels

I’ve particularly enjoyed the “at home” studies of the albums…

The Quietened Village LP-Include Me Out
The Quietened Village

Fractures-A Year In The Country“Polypores’ The Perfect Place For An Accident which, after 5mins of throbbing wave forms takes a nice slow dive into beatless disorientation…” On Fractures

And then, as a respite from the audio intrusions of property developers…

BC-Bunker-Dawn and Duskfall-cover“A more welcome noise has been this release… Grey Frequency’s Drakelow Tunnels is a stand out piece of work regarding atmospherics and Unknown Heretic’s Crush Depth in contrast renders the air heavy with mechanic industrialism… the inclusion of Time Attendant once again is a reason to be cheerful as he displays an ability to organise sound above and beyond what most others a capable of doing. The track title, Crafty Mechanics, is a fitting description of the comp as a whole.” On The Quietened Bunker

The releases are also in rather fine company at Include Me Out’s 2016 Music Of The Year, alongside the likes of Autechre, John Cage, Demdike Stare, David Toop, The Pop Group, eMMplekz and Heliocentrics. Visit that here.

A tip of the hat to the gent concerned.

Include Me Out is a good place to spend an hour or two wandering around and is described as being…

“… about anything that I find interesting, such as music of of all kinds (but lots of electronic sound both new and old), graphic art, literature, book covers and illustrations from books in my collection, images generally, cinema, and my own work in both word & image… There are album and book reviews, along with what I’ve labelled ‘Musings’, my thoughts on various matters relating to culture… Include Me Out is multi-faceted as opposed to strictly niche, therefore anything could appear.”

A particular favourite is the post on The Hardy Annual from the Watford School Of Art in 1969, which when reading it tends to bring on a general sense of “I want one”.
Find Include Me Out in the ether here and the interrelated Out Of My Mind here.
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