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Bob Moog Press Pop Figures And Synthesizer Discoveries: Ether Signposts #36/52a

Bob Moog doll-figure-Press PopWell, I guess these figures of Bob Moog by Press Pop could be filed alongside HeyKidsRocknRoll’s Delia Derbyshire diorama in terms of three dimensional homages to iconic and innovative people within the realms of electronic music.

Sadly they are sold out but a trawl online may still find one (probably at a somewhat inflated price I expect).

For further Bog Moog related explorations I would recommend the issue of Electronic Sound magazine which featured him on the cover (the print issue is also sold out but it’s still available as a PDF) and also Hans Fjellestad’s Moog documentary, where Bob Moog intriguingly discusses how he felt as much that he was discovering something as much as inventing something when he created the synthesizers.

Electronic Sound magazine-issue 21-Bob Moog Hans Fjellestad-Moog Documentary
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Directions and Destinations:
The Bog Moog Figurine at Press Pop
The Moog documentary and trailer
The Moog documentary at Moog’s site
Bob Moog at Electronic Sound

Local Places Of Interest: Ether Signposts #2/52a: Delia Derbyshire Handmade Diorama


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