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Daphne Oram Diorama, A Further Addition To A Family Of Electronic Innovators And Pastoral Confluences: Ether Signposts #39/52a

Daphne Oram diorama-Heykidsrocknroll

As part of an ongoing series… a further example of 3D homages to iconic figures and innovators within electronic music…

HeyKidsRocknRoll’s diorama of electronic music pioneer and one time Radiophonic Workshop member Daphne Oram, which is a fine addition to a growing family of such things.

Daphne Oram-Radiophonic Workshop

Writing about this growing collection  has made me consider again how such things interconnect with the more pastoral flipside of A Year In The Country. To quote myself (and somebody else) when talking about a romantic nostalgia for certain elements of older technology and innovations in relation to music:

“Curiously, somehow or other the use, appreciation and romance of such older technologies segues and intertwines with the more bucolic surrounds, wanderings and landscapes of A Year In The Country,  a part of the cultural landscape “…planted permanently somewhere between the history of the first transistor, the paranormal, and nature-driven worlds of the folkloric…” (to quote Kristen Gallerneaux)”.

Daphne Oram Oramics Machine

Or to quote from the A Year In The Country About page:

A Year In The Country is a set of year long explorations of an otherly pastoralism, the undercurrents and flipside of bucolic dreams, the further reaches of folk music and culture, work that takes inspiration from the hidden and underlying tales of the land and where such things meet and intertwine with the lost futures, spectral histories and parallel worlds of what has come to be known as hauntology.”

Here’s the family of electronic music innovators so far…

Delia-Derbyshire-Bob Moog-Raymond Scott-Daphne Oram-Press Pop figure-Heykidsrocknroll diorama-b
(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions and Destinations:
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