Day #358/365: Artifact #51/52; Archetypal Ephemera box

  • Archetypal Ephemera box. £15.00
    Artifact 51-Archetypal Ephemera box-A Year In The Country

    Limited to 52 copies.

    During this particular year long journey a number of prototypes of prints, tests for audiological case study artwork, alternative versions of artifacts, slight misprints etc have been produced.

    These boxes contains 7 of such items.


    Prints and other ephemera have generally been produced using archival Giclée pigment ink.

    Each boxes contents varies.

    Ephemera and box sizes may vary.

    Packaged in a rigid cardboard box with cover printed using archival Giclée pigment ink.


    Available via our Artifacts Shop.

    Normally ships in 7-14 days.

    Free UK shipping.


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