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Here’s To The New Year / The A Year In The Country: Wandering Through Spectral Fields Book

A Year In The Country-Wandering Through Spectral Fields-book-Stephen Prince-front cover

So, the start of a New Year…

…and behind the scenes of A Year In The Country I have been working away on something (and at times burning the midnight oil)…

The result of that beavering away is the now completed book A Year In The Country: Wandering Through Spectral Fields, subtitled Journeys in Otherly Pastoralism, the Further Reaches of Folk and the Parallel Worlds of Hauntology.

Across 52 chapters and 340 pages the book gathers, revisits and revises writing from the first three years of A Year In The Country, alongside some new wanderings and is intended to draw together and connect layered, at times semi-hidden cultural pathways and signposts; wandering from acid folk to edgelands via electronic music innovators and pioneers, folkloric film and photography, dreams of lost futures and misremembered televisual tales and transmissions.

The book will be published most probably around the start of Spring 2018 (i.e. March or April). I will post more details around these parts soon.

In the meantime, here’s to the New Year and I trust this finds you good, well and full of (post) festive cheer…


PS Details of the book and the collection of its accompanying online images can be found at the Book’s Page, which will be added to throughout the year.


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