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It’s Psychedelic Baby’s Issue 2 – A Further Addition to a Library of Albionic Undercurrents: Ether Signposts #48/52a

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Although a magazine/periodical rather than a book, I think with its focusing on 1960s and 1970s British folk, underground and acid/psych folk, issue 2 of It’s Psychedelic Baby! magazine could well be added to the small but growing library of Albionic undercurrents that I have mentioned around here before and which includes the books Seasons They Change, Electric Edden, Witches Hats & Painted Chariots, Field Studies and Folk Horror.

This is a description of the magazine from the Psychedelic Baby site:

Dedicated to British psychedelic folk. New issue of printed version projected from the well-known, leading psych on-line site It’s Psychedelic Baby. After the previous issue covering exclusively the US psychedelic folk scene, this new issue covers the 1960s and 1970s British folk scene, with exclusive interviews of members from acts such as Fresh Maggots, Comus, Mellow Candle, Dr Strangely Strange, Spirogyra, C.O.B., Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention, Pererin, Courtyard Music Group, Magic Carpet, Sunforest, Oberon, etc.

Its Psychedelic Baby Issue 2-British 1960s 1970s acid psych folkThe magazine is published by Guerssen Records who specialise in psychedelic, folk and progressive reissues and has cover art by Justin Jackley.

That cover art is effectively a painted collage which at first glance seems to mix and meld British bucolia with a 1960s American psych atmosphere, with the lead image being an interpretation of an image from Trees 1971 album On The Shore…

…but then after a moment or two other things start to register – the disturbing creature from Comus’ First Utterance album lurks in one corner and in the background are standing stones, druids around a Stone Henge like monument and what appears to be a relative of The Wicker Man, while in amongst the flowers stand a mushroom or two that I expect may well have particular properties…

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Directions And Destinations:
Psychedelic Baby Issue 2

Local Places Of Interest:
Ether Signposts #11/52a: A Small But Dedicated Growing Library Of Albionic Undercurrents & Folk Horror


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