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Scarred For Life – 740 Pages Of Growing Up In The Dark Side Of The Decade: Ether Signposts #21/52a

Scarred For Life-Volume One-Book-1While there have been a fair few Christmas market style humorous looks at films, television and paraphenalia from the 1970s, Scarred For Life isn’t in it for the wacky, wasn’t it all funny factor.

It’s a little more… well, dark and unsettling, particularly if you grew up in a particular era.

The book is subtitled Growing Up In The Dark Side Of The Decade and is:

“…an affectionate look at the darker side of pop culture in the 1970s. Public information films, scary kids’ TV show, bleak adult dramas, dystopian sci-fi, savage horror films, violent comics, horror-themed toys and sweets and the huge boom in paranormal paraphernalia; all this and much more is covered in depth.

It is something of a mammoth 740 page tome that has chapters on The Owl Service, Escape Into The Night, The Tomorrow People, The Changes, Sky, Children Of The Stones, Play For Today, Doomwatch, The Guardians, Quatermass, A Ghost Story For Christmas, The Stone Tape, The Omega Factor…

(Pause for breath…)

…Public Information Films (there are over 100 pages just on those), folk horror, dystopian science fiction,  the paranormal boom of the 1970s…

Scarred For Life-book-contents-c

Which are just the more overtly hauntologically related sections for starters and the book wanders down a considerable number of other avenues.

Scarred For Life-book-contents 2c

A quite phenomenal labour of dedication.

Apparently this is Volume One, which focuses on the 1970s, with a 1980s book already being worked on.

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Directions and Destinations:
Scarred For Life Volume One


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