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The Explorations And Archiving Of Disused Stations: Ether Signposts #31/52a

Disused Stations-Belmont railway station-3

Although I’m wary of revelling too much or gratuitously in appreciations of abandoned structures, certain online sites and collections of photographs catch my eye…

Disused Stations-Acrow

One of those is the Disused Stations website which focuses on abandoned railway stations in the UK.

Disused Stations-Belmont railway station-the last day and train
(The last train at Belmont station, which for some and various reasons seems particularly for myself seems to have a particularly sad or regretful air to it).

Disused Stations-list of stationDisused Stations is an encyclopaedic and somewhat exhaustive text, archival image and contemporary photography collection and mapping of such places – and it is quite staggering to see just how many hundreds of stations there once were across the UK that are no longer in use.

As a site and project, it put me in mind of Subterranea Britannica’s documenting of forgotten structures and installations.

And like that site, the photographs can capture a sense of a lost age, of lost futures and a related melancholia.

They can have a haunting quality that seem at points to conjure the spirit of a very particular time that now seems far, far away from our own.

That is particularly so I suppose with the Disused Stations site in terms of its connection with the once publicly owned rail network.

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Disused Stations: Belmont Station
Disused Stations: Acrow Station


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