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The Layering – Preorder and Release Dates

Preorder 8th September 2020. Released 22nd September 2020.

The CDs are now sold out but the album is available to download at our Bandcamp page, Amazon, The Tidal Store, 7digital etc and can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube etc.

The album explores the way that places are literally layered with history, and is an audio slicing through the layers of time. It journeys amongst the stories and characters of these layers, including, amongst other aspects, the structures built, events which took place and different era’s technologies and belief systems.

Such layering can go far back into pre-recorded history. Much of the earth is thought to have once been underwater, and it is likely that the majority of cities, towns and villages are built in fomer ocean areas. Current land masses have come to be formed, in part, through a layering of past marine, other life and plants, which in turn are then quarried or mined, subsequently being used to create the infrastructure of contemporary civilisation, and creating something of a cyclical, time-out-of-joint nature to the layers of time.

The layering of time can also take many other forms: modern homes and buildings are often built on top of the remains of previous settlements, which at times are discovered when new building work is carried out; contemporary roads and pathways follow the same routes as ancient roads and trails, which have been travelled down for millennia; often forgotten or abandoned tunnel networks, bunkers, railway lines, telephone exchanges etc lie under cities and towns; active and former mines thread underneath rural areas; churches are built on ancient places of worship, and then in turn are sometimes abandoned themselves, and become the sites for modern day revelries such as gigs, dance music events and so on.

The Layering is a reflection on how these, and other varied strata, are layered on top of one another, and/or sit side-by-side, with some being recorded, while others are forgotten or unknown, becoming part of a hidden or semi-hidden history.

Features music and accompanying text by:
The Heartwood Institute
Sproatly Smith
A Year In The Country
Field Lines Cartographer
Folclore Impressionista
Widow’s Weeds
Listening Center
Vic Mars
Grey Frequency


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