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A Year In The Country at The Sunday Experience: Artifact Report #49/52a

Mark Losing Today-The Sunday Experience-The Restless Field-A Year In The Country

Over the weeks, months and years Mark Barton has written a fair few times about the various A Year In The Country releases at his The Sunday Experience site and I thought it would be good to gather together links to a selection of his related writing…

All The Merry Year Round-landscape artwork 6c-A Year In The Country

On All The Merry Year Round:

“Cosmic Neighbourhood whose sleepy headed ‘Winter Light’ we must admit, has had us creeping near the sound system somewhat fixated by its, as were, delightfully dinked dance of yawning diodes, binary alarm clocks calls and wheezing electrical nick nacs… (The Séance) usher these A Year in the Country reports to a year ending hibernation with the arrival of ‘Chetwynd Haze’ and in so doing, summoning forth secret portals into the kind of alternative parallel worlds more accustomed in the company of Melmoth the Wanderer. 

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The Quietened Cosmologists-landscape artwork-4

On The Quietened Cosmologists:

“…features a dozen spectral suites, each exploring the various aspects, forgotten histories and what ifs of these golden age adventures… Pulselovers serve up ‘Lonely Puck’ – a wonderfully serene and affectionate love note mailed out from across the outer edges of the cosmos, a transmission from a long lost and forgotten outpost if you like, twinkle toned and radiantly awash in what sounds like shimmering cosmic church bell celebrations… While last one for this brief ride, Field Lines Cartographer’s ‘OPS-4’ with its binary shimmer tones and vapour rubbed ethereal detailing, cuts a finite line between the enchanting and the eerie, a ghost flotilla perhaps a sonic spectre of sorts or rather more, an orbital occurrence with past visions looped on endless replay.”

Visit that post here.

Undercurrents-A Year In The Country-album-landscape artwork

On Undercurrents:

“…here these monolithic drone recitals act as something akin to aural cartography capturing eloquently the very pulse, the bleak beauty and the secret majesty of these wide open spaces all the time bowing forth to their legacy.”

Visit that post here.

From The Furthest Signals-clips landscape image-2

On From The Furthest Signals:

“Pulselovers whose ‘Endless repeats/Eternal Return’ is adored in a twinkle toned orbital phrasing all shepherded and harvested upon a delicately whirling crystal cut sepia fantasia. Listening Center draws this latest report to a close with the aptly titled ‘only the credits remain’, a beautifully serene and widescreen cosmic sea spray dimpled in sleepy headed dream drifts, utterly touching and tender, need I say more.”

Visit that post here.

The Restless Field-Night Edition-landscape sticker artwork 2-A Year In The Country

On The Restless Field:

“…is your bountiful feast of spring dew harvesting, an as ever exquisitely hand crafted package of dawn and night variations that features a fourteen strong gathering of familiar friends around the mystical and magical ley lines that crisscross these fair green lands each blooded and ghosted in historical flashpoints and historical turning points.”

Visit that post here.


On The Forest / The Wald:

“The Hare And The Moon offering… a ghostly love note murmured in spectral tidings upon which droning mists descend which once cleared and lifted reveal siren-esque apparitions softly wooing with their beckoning bewitchment…”

Visit that post here and here.


On No More Unto The Dance:

“A taking by the hand journey down dimly lit back alleys into signless word of mouth back rooms and basements where inside sounds come wired to the hive mind pulse of the underground, a place where Add N to X ghost lights prickle with ominous intent amid a palette populated by LFO trancetones, motoric murmurs, psychotronic disturbias, radiophonic echoes, kosmick pulsars, serene ambient flurries and soundscapes siren calling futureworld dystopias.”

Visit that post here.

Time Attendant-Crafty Mechanics-The Quietened Bunker-A Year In The Country-with stroke

On The Quietened Bunker:

“…a most alluring waltzing orbital sorrowfully sighing in the starry outlands mournfully transmitting crystalline cosmic distress calls from forgotten far off outposts to its long since fallen creator as it observes the heavenly nightlights in states of gracefall dulling, diminishing and disappearing…”

Visit that post here.


On Fractures:

(Listening Centre’s) ‘Triangular Shift’… ought to find keen interested ears among those who tune into the occasional transmissions of the Ghost Box endorced ‘Belbury Parish’ podcasts… a futuristic orbital that takes its core reference point, or so it would seem, from the paranormal time travelling sleuths ‘Sapphire & Steel’…”

Visit that post here.


A tip of the hat to Mark and all concerned.


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