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All The Merry Year Round – Further Broadcasts and Reviews (Wanderings Amongst the Moss, Golden Apples and Elsewhere): Artifact Report #50/52a

All The Merry Year Round-landscape artwork 1-A Year In The Country

Further reviews, transmissions etc of the All The Merry Year Round album…

dr-who-image-of-the-fendahl-Golden Apples of the Sun-radio show

First up is something of a gathering from the album by Golden Apples of the Sun radio show, including Circle/Temple, Field Lines Cartographer, United Bible Studies and The Séance:

“Claude Mono presents Golden Apples Mix Number 46 where the Doctor’s assistant from 1973 to 1976 Sarah Jane Smith enjoys listening to music from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pram, United Bible Studies and others…”

Originally broadcast on RTR FM, the show’s archive can be visited here.

Was Ist Das?-radio show-CAMP

Was Ist Das? included Magpahi’s track on their radio show… from out in Arizona by way of the Pyrenees…

Originally broadcast at CAMP, the show is archived here.

Sunrise Ocean Bender-radio show-Bedsheet, Moss-Altered Circuitry episode

Sunrise Ocean Bender included Pulselovers track on the Bedsheet, Moss / Altered Circuitry episode of their radio show (which is something of a fine episode title)…

Originally broadcast on WRIR, the show is archived here.

Mind Decoder radio show-episode 73

Mind De-Coder included The Séance’s Chetwynd Haze in amongst the lysergic (of the rock and folk variety), Radiophonic and hauntological wanderings of their show.

Originally broadcast on Waiheke Radio, the full length post on the show can be viewed here and the audio is archived here.

John-Coulthart-Feuilleton-five in a row

John Coulthart writes about the album at his feuilleton site:

“…extended drones and atmospherics by regular contributors Polypores and Time Attendant alternate with contemporary takes on the folk idiom by Magpahi, Sproatly Smith, and The Hare And The Moon… this is another potent collection which doesn’t ignore the sinister potential of winter time…”

Visit that here.

Music-Wont-Save-You-raffaello russo-5 in a row

Raffaello Russo has written about the album from over the seas at his Music Won’t Save You site:

““All The Merry Year Round” appare senz’altro la raccolta più varia e, in fondo, leggera nel catalogo recente dell’etichetta inglese, che sotto le insegne del mistero e della magia unisce declinazioni antiche e moderne della cultura popolare del periodo più buio dell’anno.”

Visit that here (and via robotic translation here.)


Previous All The Merry Year Round reviews and broadcast:
Artifact Report #47/52a: All The Merry Year Round Reviews and Broadcasts

All The Merry Year Round-CD album-Night and Dawn Editions-opened-A Year In The Country copy

All The Merry Year Round is a wandering through an otherly calendar, which travels alongside straw bear and cathode ray summonings alike…

The album features United Bible Studies, Circle/Temple, Magpahi, Cosmic Neighbourhood, Field Lines Cartographer, Polypores, A Year In The Country, Sproatly Smith, Pulselovers, The Hare And The Moon & Jo Lepine, Time Attendant and The Séance.

More details can be found here.

As always, a tip of the hat to all involved.


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