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Day #346/365: Audiological Reflections and Pathways #1; a library of loss

Grey Frequency-Immersion-A Year In The CountryTrails and Influences: Electronic Ether. Case #46/52.
Audiological Reflections and Pathways #1

If you should look closely amongst this particular year in the country you may well see that around these parts there has been activity which has involved the encasing of disturbances in the airwaves.

Audiological Reflections and Pathways is inspired by those particular encasings and the related work/creators of said work…

Along which lines, Grey Frequency.

When I think of the work of Grey Frequency, my mind tends to wander to abandoned structures in the liminal areas where the edgelands meet rural landscapes…

…which then tends to make me think of a particular section of bindings and encasings; books which deal with the ruins and collapsations of society – books/projects which encapture the spectres that such places and structures represent, the dreams and aspirations of times gone by…

…in a way such volumes/work could be seen to be hauntological visual documents of the traces and remains of those dreams…

Along which lines, a dybukk’s dozen of a library of loss…

Abandoned Futures-Tong Lam-A Year In The CountryAbandoned Futures: Tong Lam
Ether / binding.
There is something almost science fiction like about the phrase abandoned futures… but the potential glibness of that is undercut by a somewhat harsh (brutal?) reality…
Soviet Ghosts-Rebecca Litchfield-A Year In The CountrySoviet Ghosts: Rebecca Litchfield
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #1.
To a degree with such work, there is almost a sense of it dealing with the spectres and remains of battles between empires during the Cold War…
Detroit Disassembled-Andrew Moore-A Year In The CountryDetroit Disassembled: Andrew Moore
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #2.
…a considerable body of such things deals with the collapsing/collapsed urban infrastructure of Western capitalism’s (high point?) dreams…
Lost Detroit-Dan Austin-Sean Doerr-A Year In The CountryLost Detroit: Dan Austin – Sean Doerr
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #3.
Last Days of Detroit-Mark Binelli-A Year In The CountryThe Last Days Of Detroit: Mark Binelli
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #4.
Yves Marchand-The Ruins Of Detroit-A Year In The CountryThe Ruins Of Detroit: Yves Marchand
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #5.
Modern Ruins-A Year In The CountryModern Ruins: Shaun O’Boyle – Geoff Manaugh
Ether / binding
….and so, away (directly) from such post automobile production tomes…
Julia Solis-Stages Of Decay-A Year In The CountryStages Of Decay: Julia Solis
Ether / binding
….and towards the tumbling, tumbled dreams of dream palaces…
Barter and Marbaix-States Of DecayStates of Decay: Daniel Barter – Daniel Marbaix
Ether / binding.
Abandoned Places-Henk Van Rensenberben-A Year In The CountryAbandoned Places: Henk Van Rensbergen
Ether / binding
….part of a growing series and small(ish) library in itself of work…
Abandoned Places-Henk Van Rensenberben-3-A Year In The CountryAbandoned Places: Henk Van Renbergen
Ether / binding.
Illuminating Forgotten Heritage-Josh Kemp Smith-A Year In The CountryIlluminating Forgotten Heritage: Josh Kemp Smith
Ether / binding. Spectres of Empire #6.
(Sub-category; heritage / +historical / ?)
It’s interesting how once you step back onto these shores, such work gains a less harsh sense… here these buildings are not abandoned but named as heritage…
Paul Talling-Derelict LondonDerelict London: Paul Talling
/ binding
…or considered derelict and containing signs of maintenance rather than ruins – there is a sense that there may still be a reprieve or a future life for them…

I suppose in a way, if I was to think of the British equivalent of such bound publications then I would be more likely to wander along to work that documented the discarding of people and communities, particularly in the early 1980s, rather than documents of buildings – Chris Killip’s In Flagrante comes to mind in particular.

Visit that here, here and in facsimile form here.

Visit Illuminating Forgotten Heritage around these parts here.

Visit a bear’s ghosts around these parts here.

Visit interrelated studys and “documentation of the fading shadows from defences of the realm” around these parts here.

Visit Cold Geometries around these parts here.

Peruse “…broken signals, wraiths in the ether from lost futures and utopias which were once promised; the sounds of creaking monoliths and the fading half-life of utilitarian reinforced concrete structures which were once signposts and symbols of those futures and better days…” around these parts herehere and elswhere in the ether here.


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