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Day #353/365: Audiological Reflections and Pathways #5; an ether gathering of behind the sofa folk flickerings…

She Rocola-Molly Leigh-inner booklet page-A Year In The CountryTrails and Influences: Electronic Ether. Case #49/52.

(Retransmission:) If you should look closely amongst this particular year in the country you may well see that around these parts there has been activity which has involved the encasing of disturbances in the airwaves.

Audiological Reflections and Pathways is inspired by those particular encasings and the related work/creators of said work…

Along which lines, She Rocola’s Burn The Witch / Molly Leigh Of The Mother Town.

When I think of those songs, my mind will sometimes wander along to flickering cathode ray and celluloid tales of what has come to be known as folk horror.

Folk horror gathering-A Year In The Country

In many ways there is a lot that fits/could fit into that particular category; as has been mentioned around these parts – and elsewhere before – in practise it often refers to a particular canonic trio of films – The Wickerman, Blood On Satan’s Claw and The Witchfinder General…

…and then if I’m thinking of such things, my mind will often wander along to ether collections of such things and interrelated tales.

…and as I gather interconnected intertwinings for this particular pathway and reflection I come to see that I have wandered amongst such stories from the shadows beneath the plough more than a time or two… and actually just how varied and multitudinous the outgrowths and gatherings of such stories is, beyond, including and quite possibly taking as its heart/centre that canonic trio…

Along which lines, a dybbuk’s dozen of folk-horror gatherings (covens?), travellings and intertwining pathways around these parts:

Day #21/365: In The Dark Half

Day #37/365: Folk Horror Review and a wander through a green and not always pleasant land

Folk Horror Review-A Year In The Country

Day #73/365: A wander through A Field In England with Twins of Evil and other travelling companions…

A Field In England-Intro-Julian House-film still-A Year In The Country 4

Day #90/365: The Wickerman – the future lost vessels and artifacts of modern folkloreThe Wicker Man-Hessian Bag Edition-Insert-A Year In The Country-2

Day #106/365: The whisperings of Willow O Waly

Miss-Jessell-Clytie-Jessop-manifests-by-the-lake-The Innocents 1961-A Year In The Country

Day #113/365: A box of rural horror films and glances at unlit landscapes…

The Wicker Man-Blood On Satans Claw-Whistle and Ill come to you-Village Of The Damned-BFI 10 Great Rural Horror films-A Year In The Country

Day #127/365: Robin Redbreast…

Robin Redbreast-A Year In The Country-BFI DVD-1970-2

Day #135/365: Kill List

Kill List

Day #181/365: Queens Of Evil; “What sort of conjurers are you?” – “Persuaders, your eminence, hidden persuaders.”

Queens of Evil-1970-Le Regine-A Year In The Country 4

Day #188/365: The Ash Tree; Sacred Disobedience, an unorthodox guidance and further fields In England

The Ash Tree-David Rudkin-MR James-A Ghost Story For Christmas-The BBC-A Year In The Country

Day #218/365: A wander around Red Shift, layers of history, the miasma/amber of cultural replications and associated reinterpretations/utilitarianisms

Play-For-Today-1200-Red Shift-Alan Garner-BFI-BBC-A-Year-In-The-Country-smaller

Day #313/365: A further slightly overlooked artifact; Tam Lin, a goddess abroad in the land and the end of utopian dreams?

Tam Lin-1970-screenshot 2-Ava Gardner-lighter-A Year In The Country.jpg

Day #323/365: From flipsides of a coin to The Flipside; tales from behind the scenes of termagant hunting found in the ether airwaves after a walk through green and not always pleasant lands…


Vincent Price-Michael Reeves-Witchfinder General-on set-A Year In The Country


Elsewhere amongst the ether you could wander amongst…

A further gathering of cathode ray and celluloid flickers.

Fiend In The Furrows: an academic consideration/debating of such culture.

A gathering place of discussion and collecting.

A History Of British Folk Horror (tread gently)


I feel that after travelling down the pathways of this particular day in this particular year in the country it may be apt to quote a certain aforementioned lionheartess:

The first time in my life, I leave the lights on, to ease my soul…

…and to once again pack among my belongings the thoughts below:

“We were keen to conjure up the psychedelic witch party at the mansion scenario too, also to keep the idea ‘pop’ and tongue in cheek, very conscious of not becoming too dry.” (James Cargill)

Encasing and envoying.


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