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Audiological Transmission #11/​​52: Airwaves – A Measuring


File under: Year 2 – Audiological Transmissions

Continuing further along a thread, wandering and considering of unmediated spaces (see here)…

Conversely and in a contrasting manner, although visually and overtly physically the landscape where such sentinels / senders may stand may appear possibly less mediated than say the nucleii of urban population centres, quite possibly it is some of the most heavily mediated land there is or can be.


Pray tell why and how?

Well, this is land where the air is diaphanously alive with high power(?) transmissions from those very sentinels / senders.

A positive smog of data, watchfulness, communications, implorings, entertainments, instructions and beseechings.

These are places where the air is quite possibly alive and thoroughly woven with the chatterings of “modern day magic on a monthly tariff“, all the sendings and receivings of modern day life.

The Airwaves set of Audiological Transmissions draw from this sense of a land both marked and unmarked, of the scatterings and fadings of that constant conversation; weaving and reweaving a journey, tales and constructs from such foundling waves and ripples…


An earlier consideration of such transmissions: Day #207/365: The Eccentronic Research Council: modern day magic on a monthly tariff and the rhyming (and non-rhyming) couplets of non-populist pop

Airwaves Audiological Transmissions can also be found in corporeal form at our Artifacts Shop and our Bandcamp Ether Victrola.

Elsewhere and earlier around these parts:
Zeros and ones CDs / Ferrous reels cassettes / Ether Envoy download print set.

Further perusing of Airwaves notes, scribings and audiological transmissions can be carried out here.


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