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Audiological Transmission #40​/​​​​52​​: No More Unto The Dance – When Did It All Break?


Audiological exploration by A Year In The Country from the album No More Unto The Dance.

no-more-unto-the-dance-a-year-in-the-country-track-5Transmission sent, received, transmitted:

“A taking by the hand journey down dimly lit back alleys into signless word of mouth back rooms and basements where inside sounds come wired to the hive mind pulse of the underground, a place where Add N to X ghost lights prickle with ominous intent amid a palette populated by LFO trancetones, motoric murmurs, psychotronic disturbias, radiophonic echoes, kosmick pulsars, serene ambient flurries and soundscapes siren calling futureworld dystopias.” Mark Barton / The Sunday Experience


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