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Further Accidental Folk-Art: Ether Signposts #45/52a

1970 British Rail-Eastern-leaflet

In terms of accidental folk-art, I think these British Rail leaflets from 1970 should be filed alongside the Cornflakes packet that is featured in the Own Label: Sainsburys Design Studio: 1962 – 1977 book by Jonny Trunk.

(Although strictly speaking I might say to file the British Rail leaflets nearby to the Sainsbury’s Corn Flakes, say under Accidental Folk-Art/Hauntological Precedents.)

Own Label- Sainsburys Design Studio-Jonny Trunk-Fuel book-2

(File post under: Other Pathway Pointers And Markers)

Directions and Destinations:
Jonny Trunk on Own Label
Peruse a few more images from the book
Own Label at Fuel

Local Places Of Interest:
Day #213/365: Artifacts of a curious mini-genre (and misc.)


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